Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Twin Creeks Golf Tuesday Ladies League Results September 27, 2016

Hi Bill,
Here are the results from our final Tuesday of Ladies' League at Twin Creeks for the season.  (Next week a few ladies are playing followed by our banquet and AGM)

Also, FYI  the ladies are doing a Food Drive for the Ministerial Food Bank next week (Oct. 4).  There will be a photo op at 11:30   Perhaps the Beach Booster would  like to be there. 🤔
Thanks for your support throughout our season.  We really appreciate your support.

Nancy (for the The Team)

Twin Creeks Golf Men's League Final Day Results September 24. 2016

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Twin Creeks Golf Senior Men Closing Event September 21, 2016

The Twin Creeks Golf Senior Men events are held every Wednesday morning throughout the season. One of the goals of our club is to foster fellowship so foursomes are changed each week.
The Twin Creeks Senior Men’s League ended a very successful 2016 season on Wednesday, September 21st with a scramble competition and an outstanding banquet.

The players all are looking forward to next season. The weekly team
competitions based on a Modified Stableford System and a randomly selected team structure remain very popular features because of the fellowship and camaraderie which ensues.

The Stableford System was developed by Dr. Frank Barney Gorton Stableford more than 100 years ago, as he introduced it to his fellow members at a golf club in Wales. It was an experiment back then and Stableford was not happy with the results, so he worked on a new formula that he introduced in 1931.
He wanted to deter golfers from giving up after playing only one or two bad holes, a common occurrence during tournament play. It is also credited with significantly speeding up the pace of play.
A variation in points on the original Stableford System is called the Modified Stableford System.
The Twin Creeks Senior Men’s League uses a point system: 1 for a Bogey, 2
for a Par, 4 for a Birdie and 8 for an Eagle or Hole-In-One. There are no deductions for Double Bogey or worse. 

Marlwood Golf Men's League Results September 21, 2016

Morning Bill,
 Attached are the last weekly golf scores for Marlwood Men’s League for Wednesday Sept 21.
Our closing day is set for this Sunday Sept 25 and I will pass on the winners of that day to you next Monday morning.
Thanks for all your assistance getting our weekly scores posted throughout the year, it is much appreciated.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Twin Creeks Golf Tuesday Ladies Results September 20, 2016

Hi Bill,
Here are the results for today (Sept. 20) for Twin Creeks Tuesday Ladies' League.....  [we played the back 9 this week]
Thanks again for your support..........we are winding down.....one week to go.
Nancy (for The Team)